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Genre-ally speaking – Movies that define the genre

I often think genre-up while deciding on a movie that I might want to watch next. So I thought it fitting to distil my thoughts on what movies typify a genre for me and maybe de-construct my likes/dislikes about a genre to a point where I can find movie suggestions with a higher click rate with my sensibilities.

Latcho Drom – Another experimental documentary

In an earlier post about another documentary – “Baraka”, I was moved by the power of the image to convey a story. That, like “Latcho Drom” , was a documentary with no cast, no story, no narrative yet conveyed so much just though images, sounds and clever cinematography and editing. Latcho Drom delivers all the same. Latcho Drom, meaning “Safe Journey”, is about the Roma people, the gypsies. [ ... ]

Baraka – An experimental documentary

What does a movie without dialogue, conversation or plot leave you feeling. Thanks to the scientific revolution pioneered by Copernicus, Galileo and Newton, we as a race now demand and expect explanations and closure. Baraka provides neither. What it does provide, are moments. Moments that we normally experience while we are in deep vacation mode.